Arc Seminar in the Bay

PLUTO on the Isle of Wight (Pipeline under the Ocean) & the Sandown Pavilion Power House Project

Friday 13th May - 6pm for 6.30pm til 8pm.

Brown’s Café, Culver Parade, Sandown P036 8QA

Arc are delighted to be hosting a talk that casts light on a fascinating, top secret endeavour, hidden amongst some of the Bay’s best known landmarks. In an illustrated evening lecture, local historian and author Tim Wander, will talk about the PLUTO Pipeline, taking us back to the dark days of 1944 when the Isle of Wight was essentially a closed military camp with strict travel restrictions and the very present fear of invasion.

Tim sets the scene, ‘Sandown seafront was only open to military personnel. The Bay and its beaches were mined and an impassable wall of obstacles and barbed wire protected the shores against attack. But as the tide of war turned, it became clear to the allies that a seaborne invasion of northern Europe would the only way to end the world war, and that this invading army would need fuel… over a million litres a day to support their fight across Europe. An audacious, almost impossible engineering plan was put into motion. It became known as PLUTO, Pipeline Under The Ocean, and its story starts in the Bay.’

Over the past year, Tim has walked the entire route of PLUTO and while talking about the pipeline pumps in one of the very buildings that housed them, Brown’s Café, he will also tell the story of Brown's ice cream and the granite fort. Ian Boyd from Arc will bring the story up to date explaining the plans for a new restoration of the Sandown Pavilion PLUTO power house as part of the work of the Bay CCT, funded by CRF and EWLP. The lecture will be followed by a short evening walk across to the Pavilion itself. 

If you remember PLUTO, Sandown, Shanklin or Culver during the War and have photographs or memories, please bring them along!
This is a free event in Yaverland!
Bus routes: Southern Vectis 8, Sandown Sandhopper. Nearest bus-stop: Isle of Wight Zoo & Dinosaur Isle.
Parking (again free) is available at Browns Cafe & Golf Course.
For more information please contact or call 07710 363446.