Head to the zoo

Big cat fans will love the Isle of Wight Zoo. It is a family-run attraction that has a special interest in tigers and lemurs, but you can also enjoy lions and jaguars together with a marvellous range of other animals. The zoo was originally built within the ruins of Sandown Fort which was constructed to safeguard Sandown beach from foreign invasion, so sits only a few metres from the sea at the Yaverland-end of Sandown beach.

Once upon a time, the zoo owners used to walk tiger cubs along the beach, but now the focus is on looking after older tigers and giving them a happy retirement with a long-term goal of maintaining a committment to conservation. Many of the animals at the Isle of Wight Zoo are threatened in the wild, largely through human activity and the Zoo funds conservation projects in India and Madagascar, as well as participating in the European Endangered Species breeding programmes for some Madagascan animals.

There's plenty to do at the Isle of Wight Zoo with daily tours, a chance to meet the wallabies, a stamp trail and other animal experiences.

Visit the Isle of Wight Zoo website for up-to-date details of opening times and prices as well as special events.

Isle of Wight Zoo in Sandown Isle of Wight

Image courtesy Visit Isle of Wight