Poo at the Zoo – National Poo Museum launch

VThis Easter the Isle of Wight Zoo (in association with local creatives, Eccclestone George) will launch The National Poo Museum as the first in a pile of ‘Poo at the Zoo’ events which will explore the diverse and vast subject of human and animal waste matter from its production through to its value as a potential energy source. This exhibition is not to be sniffed at and will aim to change the way people think and feel about poo. It's stinky, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous stuff - but it’s all around us and inside us too - and perhaps surprisingly our planet would be a much poorer place without it! The National Poo Museum is set to be the place to immerse oneself in the wonder of excrement while finding out lots of extraordinary nuggets of information about all things poo-y – kids will love it!
The following poo samples will be amongst those on exhibit in the museum:

Lesser Madagascan Tenrec
Tawny Owl
Human baby
Human adult
38 million year old poo
A poo with teeth and bones in it
A poo that looks like a cereal bar
A child's shoe which a cat has marked by pooing in it

The exhibition will officially open on Good Friday – 25th March 2016